Real Care products are carefully selected and developed to cover your daily personal care and hygiene needs. They are effectively formulated designed and manufactured to provide high hygiene standards to help you and your family feel fresh all-day round.

Real Care sanitary pads


Real Care is a practical sanitary hygiene product range that includes a complete cover for your daily lifestyles needs. Our products are anatomically designed, flexible and conform to your body shape with natural cotton feel to provide ultimate comfort and security.


Our cotton products are made from pure 100% cotton, they are naturally soft, absorbent and gentle on the skin. Our cotton range is ideal for: personal hygiene, beauty treatment, baby care and they are suitable for sensitive & delicate skin.

cotton pads, cotton tips, cotton buds, cotton balls
baby wipes


Our wipes range covers a variety of options and possibilities for Moist or Dry application for every aspect of daily lifestyles use including: Personal, Baby, Cometic, Home and Hygiene care. Our wipes are produced under strict quality control standards and conform to national and international testing regulatory requirements.


Featuring antibacterial protection, gentle cleansing, supreme freshness, and moisturizing produced. We bring you effective hygiene handwashing and wellbeing, cleaner hands for healthier community. Designed to be used with every day activity that needs washing and hygienic care of your hands.

Real Care antibacterial product range