Having the right product handy is a necessity for keeping your home clean and making the job as easy as it can possibly be. (Something you know all too well if you’ve ever tried to clean up a mess without having the right cleaning products.) And while there’s no one magical cleaner that can do it all, we thought that these additional essentials might come handy to ensure that when messes do happen (and they always do) you’ll be covered. We call them our Functional and General-purpose products. The products range will be update as new products are being worked on.

toilet cleaning


Real Clean in Bowl Liquid Toilet Cleaners provides long-lasting hygiene protection for your toilet. It hygienically cleans, freshens with foaming action and helps repel buildup of stains and limescale with every flush.


Real Clean paper towels are absorbent, strong and durable. They can be used for just about any clean-up job. The sheets are embossed adding to its quick and thorough absorbing power performance, handling spills and clean-ups fast. Each sheet is individually inter-folded or perforated for ease of use, providing a simple, quick reliable and handy cleaning solution for everyday cleaning and wiping tasks.

paper towels
general purpose cleaning wipes


Real Clean Heavy duty and special application wipes, whether you’re moving to a new home, prepping for a family & friends visit or just essential cleaning tasks that sometimes needs that specific product and that might offer the right solution for your next cleaning challenge. These will help you take on the extra cleaning tasks such as stains, spills, dirt, grime, grease, dust cleaning and many more.