Our daily domestic home care products include a diverse range of Sponges, Scourers, Cleaning cloth and Moist wipes that are needed for most daily home cleaning applications.  By using high-quality latest advanced technological equipment and managing efficient production methods, we are able to deliver products that stand out for their functionality & practicality and are very are cost-effective. We follow the latest trends design, functional solutions, ease of handling and cleaning efficiency which makes your everyday cleaning life easy, efficient and simple.

Real Clean home cleaning scourers


We offer high-absorbency sponges, scrub sponge, scorers of all shapes, types, colours and sizes. Our products are strong and durable and are available with optional abrasiveness standards, from light duty to all-purpose & from non-scratch to heavy duty. They are ideal for cleaning: Dishes, Cooking utensils, pots, pans BBQ’s and more.


Friendly Reusable Sustainable Biodegradable dishwashing cellulose sponges are durable Eco friendly and are perfect for wiping surfaces, washing dishes and quickly mopping up spills, they absorbing up to 15 times more liquid than their weight and are Fast-drying.

Ideal for everyday use in the kitchen, bathroom, car, garden and office.  Available in different sizes, colours and with optional scorer format from light all-purpose to non-scratch and heavy duty.

home cleaning cellulose sponges
home cleaning wipes


Wet-wipes are now part of everyday cleaning regime in many households. We offer a handy range of hygienic and care products solutions for every corner of the home, from kitchens and bathrooms, to floors, appliances, and more. Our wipes are fully tested. They can be offered with a variety of fabrics, pack sizes and suitable formulations to suit application and customer needs. Our wipes can be also offered with anti-bacterial solution to help protect the family and home environment. Ideal for everyday use in the kitchen, bathroom, car, office.


When it comes to picking kitchen towels, fabrics such as microfiber have no become the new trend. Our Multipurpose Microfibre cleaning cloths are simple and handy to use. Due to its composition materials, they will not scratch surfaces and with a little hot water you might find that most dirt and grim is easily removed. On the environmental aspect, using microfiber cloth not only reduces the number of times required to wipe a surface clean but also reducing the need for the use of chemicals. Microfiber Cloths are ideal for all cleaning applications of general Housekeeping, Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, Garage, Car or any other daily cleaning activity.

cleaning microfiber cloths
cleaning cloths


Our disposable multipurpose cleaning cloths are simple and handy to use. Made with Non-woven or needle punch technology they are very economical. Due to its composition of mix polyester and polypropylene they can be used with water or in addition with any chemicals such as cleaning creams where a bit more heavy-duty cleaning is needed. Available in different pack counts, sheet sizes, colours and with optional thickness and absorption standards. They are ideal for all cleaning applications from light duty to all-purpose and heavy duty of your general Housekeeping. Ideal for use in the Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, Garage, Car or any daily cleaning activity.